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The New Orthotix 6th Edition Product Catalogue Goes Live – What’s changed?

Managing Director Hayley Huntley looking through our new 6th edition Catalogue.
Managing Director Hayley Huntley with the new Orthotix 6th Edition Product Catalogue.
August saw the long-awaited launch of our new 6th edition product catalogue. Having been delayed twice in the last 18 months for various covid-related issues, it has been a real labour of love for all involved. I’m proud to announce our much anticipated 224-page offering, is finally available in both digital and print format. Download a copy here to see what you think of our efforts!
Unbelievably it’s been 5 years since our last Orthotix product catalogue was released. The old catalogue launched back in 2017 and was a big step forward for us at the time. Reflecting on how far Orthotix has come since then and flicking through our old and new catalogues, it’s fair to say that the business has evolved on multiple levels. In my relatively new role as Managing Director, I’d like to take this opportunity to share some insight on what I feel Orthotix, and our new catalogue now offers.

Supporting your wellbeing

Our mantra since the inception of the business – “Supporting your wellbeing” is now promoted centre stage, forming part of our revised full Orthotix logo. This subtle amendment reflects the broader scope of business that Orthotix is now operating in. Our product range has diversified to include a wider spectrum of class 1 medical products applicable to the orthopaedic, sports medicine, rehabilitation, and podiatric sectors.


Market-led product diversification

We have made a conscious effort to be receptive to the needs and wants of our complete customer profile which now includes Healthcare Professionals, healthcare businesses, private patients, and the public. This has led to the introduction of entire new product groups such as paediatric, bariatric, hernia, and modular/bespoke insoles.
Innovative new products developed in our NHS clinics have also been introduced to plug the gaps that we’ve previously had in our range. Many of these additions are not only new to our marketplace but unique to Orthotix. Products such as oversplint footwear, protective baseball caps, hernia containment swimwear, infinite contracture bracing, reusable waterproof cast covers and limb de-rotation bands are just a handful of examples, all of which are showcased in our new catalogue.
Managing Director Hayley Huntley Looking Through the new Orthotix 6th Edition Product Catalogue
Orthotix 6th Edition Catalogue displayed.

UK exclusive brand distribution

It’s been a long-time coming, but we are now established as the exclusive UK distributor for several highly regarded brands in the European orthopaedic sector. Being a sole distributor in the UK for Orliman (Spain), Pavis (Italy) and Ribcap (Switzerland) enables us to bolster our own branded product ranges with the best of their internationally acclaimed products. One example being the original market leading textile drop foot orthosis – The Boxia® and the new Boxia Plus®, both game-changing products are now stocked in vast quantities with next day availability for all clinicians and patients of the UK.
Orliman Boxia in use & Orthotix exclusive UK brand logos.

QR codes: digital integration

Throughout the covid pandemic and imposed restrictions, many of us will have become familiar with scanning QR codes on our own mobile phones. In what I believe is an industry first in the UK, we have now harnessed this concept and integrated it throughout our new catalogue. By utilising our own team of Orthotists, Podiatrists and GP’s we now offer professional product demonstrations and how-to-fit videos adding value to our user experience whilst optimising product fitting. In line with our national ‘Green Pledge’ we are also proactively promoting the uptake of digital copies, which is evident on the front cover of the new catalogue. Simply scan the QR code and download a secure digital copy to your handset or tablet and help us to reduce our carbon footprint.
Short video demonstrating how to use the QR codes included in the new Orthotix 6th Edition Catalogue.

Clear business vision & purpose

The business has re-established its purpose with a clear vision. At Orthotix we are striving to be recognised as the UK’s leading and most trusted supplier of high-quality readymade class 1 medical devices. We are committed to improving public access to a diverse range of functional and affordable product by distributing to NHS hospitals, healthcare businesses, private clinics, sports organisations and direct to public via our online platforms.
We’ve adopted an omni-channel business model and are now well positioned to deliver our ambitious vision over the coming years. Our new 6th edition catalogue is the first steppingstone for us on our continued journey!
If scanning QR codes and digital files are not for you, please email [email protected] if you’d like to receive a complimentary printed copy of our new catalogue in the post.
Orthotix 6th Edition Catalogues
Supporting Your Wellbeing

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“Passing the Baton to the Next Generation”

Our newly formed leadership team recently spoke to Cardiff Life Magazine about a protracted MBO, that has seen them assume control of a group of Cardiff-based businesses, which have passed down through 50 years of family ownership. Read the full article in the latest release of Cardiff Life

Siblings Paul, Tom and Hayley have grown up watching their father – Bob Cooper and grandfather before him, work tirelessly to establish and run their family business. After 25 years at the helm, Bob has now stepped down as Managing Director. In doing so, he continues the family tradition by passing the baton to his own children.
Bob will now take up a part-time consultancy role so that the new leadership team can continue to benefit from his technical knowledge and vast industry experience. Despite the challenging times, the third-generation owners have hit the ground running, forming a new holding company, aptly named PTH Enterprises.
As part of the restructure, Stuart Rees, formerly Orthotics Manager at Dacey Ltd, has been appointed as Managing Director of the rebranded Dacey Orthotic Solutions. Tom Cooper becomes Managing Director of Ace Feet In Motion and The Healthcare Hub, which is set to launch in early 2021. Hayley Huntley moves into a directorship role at Orthotix and Paul Cooper steps up to group CEO, assuming overall control.
Paul Cooper, CEO of PTH Enterprises, says:
“It’s a real privilege to take control of the family businesses with Tom, Hayley and Stuart. We’ve all been involved in various aspects of the business portfolio over the last 20 years, so we are well prepared and collectively aligned to take the businesses forward”.
Following in the footsteps of both their grandfather and father brings its own pressures, however the new owners are confident that they can build on the sterling work of their predecessors and continue to achieve sustainable growth.
Read the full article on this remarkable family business at Cardiff Life magazine here
If you are a Healthcare Professional and would like to learn more about offering your services at The Hub, please get in touch: [email protected] or visit

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Orthotix launch new paediatric product, OrthoGaiter®

In addition to our existing modular arm/leg gaiters and the Dacey bespoke variants we offer, Orthotix have now launched a new paediatric stock gaiter range, branded OrthoGaiter®.

This new off-the-shelf range has been developed over the last 12 months in association with leading UK paediatric physiotherapists and our own inhouse team of Orthotists.
Learn more about this exclusive new product range below.
The range is available next working day from our online store.
Contact our Customer Service team if you are an NHS trade account and would like a sample.

What is an OrthoGaiter®?

OrthoGaiters are approved class 1 medical devices developed by leading UK Healthcare Professionals and used to maintain the arm or leg in full extension.
OrthoGaiters include two semi-rigid wraparound fabric garments specifically designed for effective immobilisation or support of paediatric limbs. They are indicated for use with a variety of conditions from post-fracture injuries to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.
OrthoGaiters are simple but effective orthoses available in an easy-to-fit size range featuring colourful fabric patterns options, immobilising stays and padded interior comfort linings.

OrthoGaiter® Features & Benefits

  • Accommodating wraparound design for improved fit
  • Multiple hook and loop fastening straps for adjustment
  • Available as a pair in simple off-the-shelf sizing range from XXS-XL
  • Available in repeatable fabric patterns suitable for all ages
  • Deluxe interior padding for enhanced comfort
  • Integrates flexible medial and lateral stays which contour to anatomy of limb
  • Integrates a reinforcing posterior rigid stay for optimum immobilisation of limb
  • All stays are interchangeable and removable
  • Machine washable for hygienic use (once stays removed)

Indications For Use

OrthoGaiters can be used for any condition where maintenance of knee or elbow extension is required.
They can also be used for control of range of motion in contracture management, post-surgery, joint support during rehabilitation, or in the prevention of self-harm. They are suitable to be worn during the daytime or overnight.

Instructions For Use

  1. Fully open the OrthoGaiter, undoing all hook and loop fastening straps
  2. Carefully straighten the limb and wrap the OrthoGaiter around ensuring the narrow part of the gaiter is in line with the wrist or ankle
  3. Ensure the flexible medial and lateral stays are located either side of the limb with the reinforced stay positioned posteriorly (All stays can be contoured or removed as required)
  4. Ensure that the ‘fly’ is flattened out beneath the overlapping edge and wrap the hook and loop fastening straps around the arm/leg to secure appropriately
  5. The OrthoGaiter should be a comfortable garment to wear against the skin or over clothing and it should not restrict circulation.
The OrthoGaiter is the first of many new products that have been developed by Orthotix over the last 12 months. The release of the latest 6th edition catalogue has been delayed until January 2021, but this will eventually showcase all the innovative new products we can now offer. More news to follow on this later in the year, stay tuned!

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What Type of Face Mask Should I be Wearing?

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic the World Health Organisation (WHO) now advises the use of various face masks. With differing Government restrictions now in place across the respective countries of the UK, it is important to appreciate the differences between the masks / coverings and understand which type should be worn.
From scientific analysis, current research suggests that coronavirus is transmitted principally via respiratory droplets. Whilst there is no clear consensus to suggest that face masks are definitively effective in the prevention of all transmission, several studies do support and encourage the use of face coverings in public in addition to medical masks in healthcare environments.
The three main types of masks that are being utilised as part of ongoing preventative measures to combat the rate of transmission across the UK are outlined below.

Non-Medical Masks / Fabric Face Coverings

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that the general public use a cloth face covering when out of the house. This message is echoed by the UK Government and WHO guidelines which state that in circumstances where it is difficult to stay 2m away from others, the use of ‘three-layer, non-medical face coveringsis now advisable.
Studies have shown that using a combination of three layers fabricated using tightly woven fibres such as cotton, flannel or polyester are most effective. Such coverings should be worn on public transport, in shops or other crowded environments and whilst undertaking certain work duties.
N.B. The WHO also recommend that members of the public over 60 years of age and people with existing medical conditions should wear ‘medical masks’ when 2m social distancing is not possible.

Surgical / Medical Face Masks

Medical masks such as Type 1 and Type IIR (Fluid Resistant) are disposable forms of PPE that fit over the nose and mouth to defend against sizeable cough / sneeze droplets, splashes, or sprays. In times of national PPE shortage these types of masks should be used by healthcare workers, over 60’s and at-risk individuals.

Particulate Respirator Masks

Seal tested respiratory masks such as KN95, FFP2 or equivalent are typically 5-layer non-woven fibre construction which can filter pathogens in the air. They are designed to fit against the skin forming a seal around the mouth and nose. In times of national PPE shortage only healthcare workers should be wearing masks of this nature.
As a registered medical device business supplying approved product to the NHS, Orthotix is well placed to distribute accredited face masks to Healthcare Professionals and face coverings for public usage. Please visit our Face Masks & Coverings page to learn more about our product range which is stocked in our UK warehouse and available with next day delivery.
Supporting Your Wellbeing

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How business at Orthotix is adapting to Coronavirus

Orthotix staff now follow social distancing rules and wear precautionary personal protective equipment
The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic is first and foremost a human tragedy of unprecedented scale. At time of release, nearly 3 million people have now been affected with more than 200 countries and territories having reported cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.
It is also having a devastating impact on the global economy with governments launching unparalleled public health and economic responses. In the UK, businesses big and small are having to adapt and innovate to continue trading throughout the outbreak.
Orthotix is a contracted NHS supplier of class 1 medical devices and as such it is has been deemed an essential business. Despite some business channels no longer being feasible, Orthotix remains open albeit at a reduced capacity. Like many businesses still operating during these difficult times some members of the workforce are self-isolating and a handful have found themselves furloughed as a direct consequence of trade downturn.
Despite introducing social distancing measures and the inevitable business disruption, the operational team at Orthotix remain in good spirits and are proud to support NHS hospitals and the public by continuing to provide much needed medical product. To facilitate this service, the Orthotix business model has had to adapt & evolve to include some new innovations.

Virtual Walk-in-clinic / Orthotic Assessment

Any patient or member of the public requiring assistance on product selection, fitting or general orthopaedic advice can now use a live chat message function or telephone through to a dedicated Healthcare Assistant. If further technical advice is required, a video appointment can also be scheduled with an in-house Healthcare Professional.

Emergency Medical Device Supply

To ensure that there is no shortage in supply to hospitals of critical goods such as life changing spinal or neck bracing, surplus stock holdings have been put in place. All goods of this nature are now available with same-day emergency delivery in Wales. 

Early Launch of Sports Podiatry Products

The release of a retail-ready sports podiatry range scheduled for launch later this year has been brought forward. Certain items from this range are ideal for home exercise and running injuries, so these have been released early to bolster revenue across online platforms. You can learn more about these products which include PediSpiker® – a unique plantar fasciitis foot massager, PediBands® – a lower limb therapy band set and Heelevator® – self-adjustable heel elevating inserts.

New E-commerce Website Featuring Public & Trade Portal

The new and improved website is now live, which enables members of the public and trade customers to search for medically approved product by condition or injury. The new website now offers international shipping and is more geared towards mobile commerce. Professional product fitting videos are also now available to assist the public with appropriate fitting of non-technical devices whilst at home.

NHS Patient Doorstep Delivery

Products which would have typically been issued in hospital clinic can now be delivered directly to patients at home. Similarly, all online products are now offered with national doorstep delivery free of charge.

Distribution of Face Masks

Given the nationwide shortage of PPE, numerous healthcare clinics and hospitals have approached Orthotix to manufacture or supply various articles of PPE. In response, Orthotix has opened a supply chain with a global partner to deliver large quantities of FFP2 particulate respirators and disposable 3-ply face masks. Many of which have now been offered to hospitals, care homes and other government bodies. A limited stock of face masks will also be made available to the public given the recent WHO recommendations.
View Available Face Masks Here
As a consequence of the challenging times that we now face, creative thinking and innovation have become essential tools in most businesses’ survival kits. Orthotix will strive to innovate and adapt as required to ensure that it can continue to support the wellbeing of its dedicated staff and wonderful customers.
Supporting Your Wellbeing

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Business Insider: Product Innovation & Development

Our Executive Director Paul Cooper met with Nicholas Fearn from Wales Business Insider Publication to discuss innovation in Welsh business with focus on how firms like Orthotix develop new ideas and take them to market.
Read the full transcript below or follow this link to view the article featured in the April/May edition here


How do you run your research and development to maximise the success of your new products? 

At Orthotix we have an inhouse team of Healthcare Professionals, access to clinical facilities, a design team and accredited global manufacturing partners.
This enables us to have an all-encompassing approach in the development of product ideas into a marketable product. From experience, we’ve learnt that it’s best to take a flexible approach to R&D and start with a range of product ideas and whittle them down through engagement with diverse subject groups.
Sometimes the product idea you’ve initially started with can morph into something quite different during this process, but this is invaluable as it enables you to actually serve up a product that the market actually desires, rather than what you think it wants.


How do you identify which ideas to keep and which to ditch?

It’s good to start with multiple ideas as through a process of elimination, which for us includes; design proto-types, clinical trials, engaging with market groups and peer feedback you can gauge which product idea is most feasible in terms of design, function and costing and progress with it.

Orthotix is in the process of launching a retail-ready range of sports podiatry consumables.

The innovative range has been developed over the last 12 months in association with its sister company ACE Feet In Motion. Three products from the range have just successfully launched and the remaining items are scheduled for release later this year.

Learn more about these new Orthotix products at

How do you bring your most promising new products to market?  

The journey to market can be quite a bumpy road, but for us it usually starts with a brainstorming session amongst our Healthcare Professionals and Product Manager followed by a period of market research.
Following on from this our design team will begin to formulate some visuals and we’ll liaise with our manufacturing partners to create 3D printed or low cost proto-types for testing amongst our clinical groups.
Once we have this feedback, we’d then make necessary changes before re-engaging with potential customers for an unbiased response and observe and record findings. If a certain product then looks promising, we’ll look at the cost implications and undertake a market feasibility report before liaising with our manufacturers.
As most of our products are class 1 medical devices, we then have to fulfil certain CE criteria to ensure compliance with medical health regulations before we can launch it in Europe.


Is there anything else do?

The final piece of the jigsaw for us is the promotion of a new product. In the months prior to launch our marketing team will typically use our social media platforms, video blogs, print literature, and even attend exhibitions with final prototypes to build interest before launching the finished product in all its glory, along with a marketing campaign designed to establish sales.
It’s also imperative that you record any hours invested in product development as well as any other applicable costs as you can claim for R&D relief against your tax bill if you are a SME like us.


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