Therapeutic Neoprene Shoes (Pair)

Therapeutic Neoprene Shoes (Pair)


Size Guide

ShoeSize(UK) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
ProductCode DS64/3 DS64/4 DS64/5 DS64/6 DS64/7 DS64/8 DS64/9 DS64/10 DS64/11 DS64/12
  • Features & Benefits

    • Therapeutic seamless stretchy shoe with neoprene upper and Velcro fastening for easy closure and entry.
    • Includes a 3mm removable insole if alternative orthotic is preferred to be worn.
    • Features extra width and depth to accommodate bulky orthoses.
    • Lightweight and durable featuring rocker profile sole unit.
    • Unisex design, with adaptable non slip sole unit so that they can be used for indoor as well as limited outdoor use.
    • Very soft upper for sensitive feet.
    • Shoes are machine washable at a low temperature provided any insoles are removed first.

    Alterations Latex Free Machine Washable Pair
  • Indications for Use

    Accommodation of foot deformities, ulcer management, post operation, oedema.

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