Post-Op Toe Weight Bearing Shoe

Post-Op Toe Weight Bearing Shoe


Size Guide

Size ShoeSize(UK) ProductCode
XSmall 1-3 POT/XS
Small 3-5 POT/S
Medium 5-7 POT/M
Large 7-9 POT/L
XLarge 9-12 POT/XL
  • Features & Benefits

    • Lightweight and durable closed toe design.
    • Features a wedged sole unit to redistribute weight to mid and forefoot to relieve pressure on heel.
    • Adjustable dorsal flap closure accommodates bulky dressings and ankle strap prevents heel slippage.

    Bilateral Latex Free NHS
  • Indications for Use

    Post foot and toe operations, oedemas, ulcerations of the forefoot.

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