Upper Limb Hygienic Cover

Upper Limb Hygienic Cover


Size Guide

Measurements Size Format
20 x 90cm One Size Fits All 100 Count Bag
  • Features & Benefits

    • The disposable polyethylene protective hygienic tester covers enable Healthcare Professionals and other industry workers to safely try on or fit products to patients / customers
    • Designed to help prevent the spread of any un-wanted germs and minimise risk of surface transmission
    • Available in three variants which are suitable for the upper limb, lower limb, and the torso
    • Suitable for orthopaedics, podiatry, hospital visits, homecare and other professions
    • One size fits all, can be cut to size and quick and easy to use
    • They are useful for all phases of physical contact with the public and are recommended for use alongside other preventative measures forming your Covid19 risk assessment
    • Available in convenient flat pack of 100 protective covers

  • Indications for Use

    Position the bag parallel to the body segment to be covered to check for the correct length. Cut as necessary.

    • Apply the bag to the corresponding body segment.

    • Take the anthropometric measurements and do all necessary orthotics testing.

    • Strictly observe municipal ordinances when discarding the bag.

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