OnePlus Ankle Stabilising Brace

OnePlus Ankle Stabilising Brace


Size Guide

Size Ankle Circ(cm) (2cm above Malleolus) Product Code
1 23-26 OPL490/1
2 26-29 OPL490/2
3 29-32 OPL490/3
  • Features & Benefits

    Ankle orthosis made from tri-layer breathable elastic fabric incorporating two high density thermoplastic mediolateral stays and a reinforcing corrective textile strap.

    Designed to offer stabilisation and support of the ankle joint and associated anatomical structures whilst still allowing free movement of the toes.

    Bilateral Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Ankle sprains, ligamentous laxity, chronic osteoarticular instability, post-operative, post injury.

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