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Baseball Ribcap

£88.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Baseball Ribcap

£88.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Features & Benefits

Ribcap have designed a range of fashionable soft protective headgear which are embedded with unique absorbing foam to reduce the force of impact to the head. Suitable for everyday use, ideal for people with special needs, active people, kids, young adults and seniors.  

Ribcap's baseball cap offering both style and protection, finished with a comfortable chin strap closure for secure fitting.

  • Soft helmet for special needs and other disabilities
  • Everyday head protection 
  • Prevention of bumps and bruises
  • Use as a soft helmet for non-high-risk activities and sports
  • Head injury recovery
  • Staying active and feel secure
  • Use as a fall injury management device 
  • Seniors with special needs and other neurologic disorders
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