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Hernia Underwear

£57.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Hernia Underwear

£57.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Features & Benefits

  • CE Marked Class 1 Medical Device - Made in Italy
  • Supplied to NHS for patients both pre/post-surgery suffering with inguinal, lower abdominal or small scrotal hernias
  • 75% Cotton, 25% Polyester
  • Machine washable modern brief design offering strong tension & effective abdominal / groin support, featuring internal slip pockets for the insertion of hernia pads (INC.FREE) which enable additional compression and localised pressure to help support or reduce a hernia
  • They are fashionable, modern and less intrusive, providing a de-stigmatized alternative to the more traditional hernia support orthoses available
  • They are fabricated from hypoallergenic and sanitized material to improve hygiene and prevent bacterial proliferation
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Indications for use

Inguinal hernia containment, pre and post hernia surgery.

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