Umbilical Hernia Belt & Pad

Umbilical Hernia Belt & Pad


Size Guide

Size Abdominal Circ (cm) Product Code
S 70-82 685/S
M 82-94 685/M
L 94-105 685/L
XL 105-117 685/XL
XXL 117-130 685/XXL
XXXL 130-150 685/XXXL
  • Features & Benefits

    • This medical device has been designed to contain the abdomen and more specifically the abdominal/umbilical hernia thanks to a specific pad that can be easily positioned where needed.
    • It can be used either before a surgical op. (with pad and after medical advice) or after a surgical op. (in this case without pad).
    • The wide Velcro closure combined with the woven elasticity, allow to adjust tension to the desired level, thus reducing pain, improving efficiency and warranting the belts stability.
    • Particular care was taken on the materials being cotton, allowing it to be breathable.


  • Indications for Use

    Abdominal / umbilical hernia containment.

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