Gonartec™ Advance Orthosis

Gonartec™ Advance Orthosis


Size Guide

    Product Code
Size Knee Circ (cm) Left Right
X Small 32-35 OCR400I/1 OCR400D/1
Small 35-38 OCR400I/2 OCR400D/2
Medium 38-42 OCR400I/3 OCR400D/3
Large 42-47 OCR400I/4 OCR400D/4
X Large 47-52 OCR400I/5 OCR400D/5
  • Features & Benefits

    A comfortable and light brace with a wrap-around design to relieve unicompartmental load on a knee.

    • Joint for varus-valgus and flexion-extension adjustment. Helps control the movement and position of the knee on the front and sagittal plane.
    • 3 point pressure system. Two cross-straps ensure optimal unloading on the affected side.
    • Great protection in the corrective force areas.
    • The elasticity enables perfect anatomic adaptation and comfort.



    • Inner or outer condylar pressure, realigning the axial. thigh/leg deviation.
    • Medial or lateral mechanical knee relief.
    • Stabilises and restricts joint range of motion.
    • Pain relief.


    When ordering the Gonartec Advance, please bare in mind:

    • Right Version: suitable for right knee varus or left knee valgus
    • Left Version: suitable for left knee varus or right knee valgus

    Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Minor or moderate unicompartmental osteoarthritis in the knee, Genu varus or genu valgus associated with arthrosis, Medial or lateral meniscus tear.

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