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Post-Op Telescopic

£94.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Post-Op Telescopic

£94.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight telescopic design knee brace often used following surgery. 
  • Incorporates range of motion (ROM) hinges which enable the control of movement from full extension (0°) to 120° of flexion.
  • Features a simple switch locking system at 0°, 15°, 30° and 45°.
  • The prolongation system uses push-and-slide telescopic lateral bars for simple length adjustment.
  • Device covers an adjustable length range of 54cm to 71cm.
  • Includes four trimmable foam and velour straps (two thigh and two calf) for a comfortable and secure fitting.
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Indications for use

Unstable or lesioned knees, ligament injuries; ACL, PCL, LCL and MCL, meniscus and patellar tendon injury, post-op management and rehabilitation.

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