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FiM Corrective Insoles

Trade Only

FiM Corrective Insoles

Trade Only

Features & Benefits

  • High density, deep cupped EVA orthosis especially designed for children’s feet by the leading UK Podiatrists.  
  • Manufactured by Ace Feet In Motion Ltd, the insoles are now commonly known as FIM's.
  • The brightly coloured insoles consist of one red (right foot) and one blue (left foot) to help children remember, whilst providing a functional solution.
  • Pre-fabricated off the shelf insoles (pair) are available in neutral or with 3° or 5° medial rear foot posting.
  • Neutral variant are non-corrective with enhanced arch support.
  • 3° posting variant corrects mild pronation of the feet.
  • 5° posting offers correction of moderate to severe pronation of the feet.
  • During the original clinical trials this product achieved over 90% compliance rate amongst all patients trialled and was approved for the effective management of flat foot conditions (Pes Planus).
  • The slim line, lightweight design enables the insoles to be easily accommodated in most footwear.
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Indications for use

Flat feet, postural related symptoms, hyper-mobility/ligament weakness, arch pain, heel pain, knee pain, back pain. 

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