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Hinged AFO

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Hinged AFO

Trade Only

Features & Benefits

  • The 'Pelican' Hinged AFO is a one shell dynamic orthosis made from low density polyethylene.  
  • Shell surrounds the tibial and fibular malleoli and comes into contact with the entire plantar surface.
  • Features a hinged ankle joint which enables the adjustment of dorsiflexion limit. 
  • Polyethylene foam is used to line the hinged region offering enhanced comfort and protection to the malleoli.
  • Shell extends from mid calf to the proximal edge of the metatarsal heads with a midfoot Velcro closure system ensuring appropriate fitting with trimmable straps. 
  • Includes comfort pads for the toe and dorsal midfoot regions.
  • Realigns entire foot and supports the medial longitudinal arch, controlling plantarflexion and toe walking.
  • Prefabricated for instant use and sized by simple foot measurement.
  • Low profile design for ease of accommodation in patient’s footwear. 
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Indications for use

Incapacity or weakness of dorsiflexion, excessive plantar flexion, hyperextension of the knee, instability as a result of low or high muscle tone, lack of coordination or balance.

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