JuniorFims®️ Neutral Post

JuniorFims®️ Neutral Post


Size Guide

Shoe Size(UK) Shoe Size(EU)
3-5 19-20
4-5 21-22
6-7 23-24
8-9 25-26
9-10 27-28
11-12 29-30
12-13 31-32
1-2 33-34
  • Features & Benefits

    • The JuniorFims®️ are a class 1 medical device originally developed in the UK by a multi-disciplinary team of Podiatrists, Orthotists and Physiotherapists.
    • JuniorFims®️ are a low profile and lightweight off-the-shelf orthotic insole specifically designed for children’s feet.
    • The JuniorFims differ from other paediatric insoles available in that they feature a deep heel cup, anatomical arch support and high-density EVA construction. These innovative features combined to achieve a compliance rate of over 90% during clinical trials.
    • JuniorFims are now recognised as one of the leading orthotic insoles in the treatment of a range of paediatric lower limb conditions.

    Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Foot and lower limb pain, over pronation, hyper-mobility and flat feet.

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