Abduction Arm Sling – 30°-45°

Abduction Arm Sling – 30°-45°


Size Guide

Size Forearm Length (cm) Product Code
One Size Fits All Universal C-46
  • Features & Benefits

    • Manufactured in breathable honeycomb fabric, it facilitates air circulation to prevent possible irritation.
    • The arm support is made from Poromax® fabric to prevent sweating.
    • On its inner surface, it has a hook closure to fasten it to the velour of the cushion.

  • Indications for Use

    As an orthopaedic positioning method for sprains, luxations and glenohumeral subluxations. Capsular displacement. As a conservative treatment for acute and chronic bursitis. In rotator cuff repair surgery. In shoulder endoprosthesis implantation. Adhesive capsulitis. Entrapment syndrome. As a method of immobilisation after implantation of a prosthetic shoulder joint and after acromioplasty.