Fast Lacer Wrist & Thumb Brace

Fast Lacer Wrist & Thumb Brace

£47.95 (Inc. VAT & Standard UK Delivery)

Size Guide

    Product Code
Size Wrist Circ (cm) Left Right
Small 12-16 MFP-I91/1 MFP-D91/1
Medium 16-18 MFP-I91/2 MFP-D91/2
Large 18-20 MFP-I91/3 MFP-D91/3
  • Features & Benefits

    • Featuring a breathable, lightweight fabric base with a layer of cotton in contact with the skin providing greater comfort and enabling free movement of the fingers.
    • The palmar, dorsal and thumb splints are made from malleable aluminium for effective bracing of the wrist and thumb according to the desired angles.
    • In addition, the radial splint features a semi-circular design for increased comfort and improved positioning of the thumb.
    • Fitting is simple thanks to the elastic ulnar fabric and closure, by means of a fastening system with laces, is fast and provides a snug, uniform fit of the orthosis to the wrist.

  • Indications for Use

    Combined wrist + thumb injuries. Rhizarthrosis. Ulnar collateral ligament injury of the thumb (skier’s thumb). Tendinitis. De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. Overloading of the wrist and thumb joints. Residual instability. Pre/post-surgical and post-injury treatment.

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