Mathi Resting Splint

Mathi Resting Splint


Size Guide

Size HandWidth(cm) Length(cm) ProductCode(Left) ProductCode(Right)
Small 5-7 31.5 MATHI/S/L MATHI/S/R
Medium 7-9 34 MATHI/M/L MATHI/M/R
Large 9-11 36.5 MATHI/L/L MATHI/L/R
  • Features & Benefits

    • Foam padded aluminium wrist and hand splint.
    • Designed for appropriate adjustment and positioning of the wrist, hand, fingers and thumb.
    • Lightweight malleable design can be manipulated into suitable positons and angles as required.
    • Lined with a soft terrycloth fabric.
    • Features easy-to-use restraining straps with thick comfort padding and includes finger separator.

    Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Contracture in flexion or hyperextension of the wrist and hand, hypertonic contractures, cerebro vascular accident, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Video

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