Ligament Instability Brace

Ligament Instability Brace


Size Guide

    Product Code
Size Thigh Circ (cm) Left Right
X Small 34-38 53/XS/L 53/XS/R
Small 38-43 53/S/L 53/S/R
Medium 43-49 53/M/L 53/M/R
Large 49-56 53/L/L 53/L/R
X Large 56-64 53/XL/L 53/XL/R
  • Features & Benefits

    • The brace is designed to keep in the physiological position the knee joint during extension an flection movements.
    • Two anatomical and totally openable fixings (one on the calf and the other on the thigh) makes the brace easy to wear.
    • They are made by a special “3D Spacer woven” extremely breathable and that maximize comfort; 4 elastic straps, closing with a “vise” movement” allows an easy and efficient brace fixation.
    • The two shaped stays (medial & lateral) give lateral knee stability. Are equipped with polycentric joints with variable rotation center, to perfectly reproduce the natural knee movement.
    • Both extension and flection can be limited or a desired knee angle can be fixed.
    • Open on the knee (to facilitate medication and avoid stressing sensible areas).

    Cotton Sanitized
  • Indications for Use

    ACL – PCL fracture and/or reconstruction; post-surgery LC treatment, knee traumas (distortions or dislocations), joint laxity, lateral instability, support in case of light or medium gonarthrosis, during rehab phase, to provide a support and improve confidence.

  • Video

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