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Patella Stabiliser (Open)

£69.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Patella Stabiliser (Open)

£69.95 (Inc. VAT & Delivery)

Features & Benefits

  • Deluxe stabilising knee support with open patella cut-out.
  • Fabricated from hypoallergenic breathable material. 
  • Features a 100% cotton lining for optimum comfort against skin.
  • Utilises an exclusive multi-band locking system for adjustable levels of compression.
  • Incorporates a C-shaped internal buttress for patella stability.
  • Includes two sets of interchangeable lateral stabilisers; aluminium spiral stays for mild instability or for more effective lateral support, a pair of polycentric hinges.
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Indications for use

Patella sub-luxation, patellar instability, tendonitis, post fracture, post-op management, sprains.

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