Pavlik Harness

Pavlik Harness


Size Guide

Size Age Product Code
1 Newborn OP1170/1
2 9-24 Months OP1170/2
  • Features & Benefits

    The harness incorporates velour straps, bib and thermoformed booties. Shoulder straps are padded with neoprene for comfort and all straps are adjustable with hook and look fastening for optimum fit.

    Features quick release childproof plastic buckles for ease of doffing.

    By positioning the hips and knees up with legs apart, the harness works to gently position paediatric hips (up to 24 months) so that they are properly aligned in the joint.

    Allowing contact between hip and thigh bones also helps strengthen muscles and tendons to encourage the hips to stay aligned.

    Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Subluxation, congenital hip luxation, hip dysplasia.

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