Puffin Supramalleolar AFO

Puffin Supramalleolar AFO

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Size Guide

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Brace Size Foot Length (cm) Height (cm) Left Right
1 12.5 7.9 P1196/L/1 P1196/R/1
2 13.5 8.3 P1196/L/2 P1196/R/2
3 14 8.6 P1196/L/3 P1196/R/3
4 15 9 P1196/L/4 P1196/R/4
5 16 9.4 P1196/L/5 P1196/R/5
6 17.5 9.8 P1196/L/6 P1196/R/6
7 19 10.2 P1196/L/7 P1196/R/7
8 21 10.8 P1196/L/8 P1196/R/8
  • Features & Benefits


    Two shell dynamic orthosis with a supramalleolar design made from low density polyethylene and polypropylene.

    Soft internal shell surrounds the tibial and fibular malleoli, encompassing the entire plantar surface and midfoot region whilst the rigid skeletal external shell reinforces the alignment applied by the orthosis.

    Midfoot Velcro closure system ensures appropriate fitting with straps that can be cut to desired length. Adhesive Velcro patches placed between the shells prevent any movement and optional comfort pads for the toe and dorsal midfoot regions are also included.

    Adjustable and trimmable lightweight design. Latex free.



    Allows free plantar and dorsal flexion.

    Realigns the entire foot and supports the medial longitudinal arch.

    Facilitates the development of movement patterns for a more natural gait.

    Stabilisation of the foot improving all phases of the gait cycle.

    Low profile design for ease of accommodation in patient’s footwear.

    Prefabricated for instant use, sized by simple foot measurement.


    Advisory Notice: When fitting it is recommended to choose a size that leaves approximately 1cm of space between the end of the orthosis & the foot.

    Alterations Latex Free NHS
  • Indications for Use

    Moderate to severe pronation or supination, instability in the subtalar joint, midfoot and forefoot, severe flat foot, lack of co-ordination or balance.

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