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Dual De-Rotation Strap

Trade Only

Dual De-Rotation Strap

Trade Only

Features & Benefits

  • Designed to assist with correction of internal/external rotation of both lower limbs, enabling feet to be in the line of progression during gait. 
  • Consists of a belt and two unidirectional elastic straps featuring silicone pimples for improved anatomical adhesion.
  • Straps apply spiral traction from medial side of the foot to the waist, rotating the tibia, femur and hip in the desired corrective direction.
  • If external rotation is required simply swap over the left and right straps for the desired effect.
  • Device enables greater joint stability, core support and proprioceptive feedback. 
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Indications for use

Gait disorders through infant cerebal palsy, spina bifida, disorders during embryonic development, hypotonic musculature, neurological disorders.

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