Jewett Hyperextension Brace – Standard

Jewett Hyperextension Brace – Standard

Trade Only Product

Size Guide

  Pelvic Circ Height Product Code
Size (cm) (cm) Standard
S1 60-75 39-46 J001G/S1
M2 75-90 42-49 J001G/M2
L3 90-105 45-52 J001G/L3
XL4 105-115 49-56 J001G/XL/4
  • Features & Benefits

    • Lightweight aluminium hyperextension brace offering three support points; pectoral, suprapubic and dorsal lumbar.
    • Incorporates a three-dimensional pectoral support system with 3-axis movement for enhance fit.
    • Design also includes a padded height regulator side control plate, a multi-positional padded dorsolumbar support plate and a padded pelvic support band which can be set in three positions in increments of 20°.

    Latex Free NHS
  • Indications for Use

    Fractures due to crushing, vertebral pain caused by secondary metastasis, spondyloarthrosis, lumbalgia, lumbo-sciatica, stable vertebral fractures of the lower dorsal column, post-op management.

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