BOA Semi-Rigid Wrist Brace

BOA Semi-Rigid Wrist Brace


Size Guide

    Product Code
Size Wrist Circ(cm) Left Right
1 13.5-14.5 BCS50I/1 BCS50D/1
2 14.5-16 BCS50I/2 BCS50D/2
3 16-17.5 BCS50I/3 BCS50D/3
4 17.5-19 BCS50I/4 BCS50D/4
  • Features & Benefits

    Wrist braces made of semi-rigid breathable fabric with the Boa® closure system for quick and easy adjustment. The gradual adjustment enables micro-adjustments with milimetric precision. It includes a malleable aluminium palm and/or thumb splint in accordance with the chosen model to perfectly secure the wrist or thumb based on the desired angles in addition to two rigid plastic dorsal reinforcements. Padded lining for comfort and perfect fit. The dorsal side is reinforced with a lined tongue with a thermal plastic core. The elastic fabric makes it easy to put on.

    Latex Free
  • Indications for Use

    Wrist trauma, Sprains, Contusions, Tendinitis, Carpal tunnel syndrome & Post-operative immobilisation.

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