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Introducing The Unique New Range Of Dyna-Ort® Stock DAFOS

Clinical Director, Chris Law, presenting the innovative new Dyna-Ort® range.

“We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of the new and improved range of Dyna-Ort® stock DAFOS in the UK. It has been a number of years in the making, working alongside our manufacturing partners Orliman® to research, develop, re-design and test the new dynamic ankle foot orthoses to deliver improved quality, durability and enhanced comfort and patient compliance. The redesigned medical devices cover a wider range of conditions, utilising more functional materials, and importantly remain an affordable off-the-shelf splinting solution which I believe will be well received by clinicians and users alike.”

Chris Law, Clinical Director at Orthotix
18 months ago we started working in association with our long-time manufacturing partners Orliman® on a new and improved range of dynamic ankle foot orthoses. Under our exclusive UK distribution partnership, we have been supplying premium orthoses to the NHS, orthotic businesses and private clinics for several years and this has included our previous range of paediatric dynamic ankle foot orthoses launched in 2015. This range has always been well-received by our customer-base, helping numerous patients and improving thousands of children gain mobility and independence.
Now, with advancements in our manufacturing technologies and revolutionary material science, we have been able to revisit this product range to optimise our offering. Having listened to feedback from our Healthcare Professional network of clinicians we’ve worked tirelessly with Orliman® to redesign and reconstruct the existing range, and also introduce new design variations for treatment of further paediatric conditions.
We are proud to have developed this revised market leading range in the UK, and our joint collaboration with Orliman® has now resulted in the rebranded Dyna-Ort® Stock DAFOS range.

What is a Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis?

A Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis is a specialised orthotic device designed to provide support, stability, and improved mobility to individuals with foot and ankle conditions, particularly those who’s conditions affect gait and mobility. Unlike traditional static orthoses, a dynamic AFO incorporates dynamic components, such as flexible materials, anatomical shaping and/or joint systems, that allow for controlled supported mobility and improved alignment, whilst not restricting natural movements.
Dyna-ort® Stock DAFOS range

What is the Dyna-Ort® Stock Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses Range?

The innovative new range of DAFOS includes six patented designs which have been carefully designed to provide an off-the-shelf solution to improve foot and ankle control for children with presentations such as: increased joint flexibility, excessive pronation, ankle instability, tone, toe walking and mild hyperextension of the knee.
The Dyna-Ort® range offers an alternative option to the traditional rigid ankle foot orthoses, promoting a user friendly, more flexible management for foot and ankle instabilities and malalignment, whilst enabling a comfortable more natural biomechanical gait, without being restrictive!

New & Improved Design

Dyna-ort® Stock DAFOS Range Exploded Drawing
The Dyna-Ort® range now features a brand-new construction to improve patient comfort and compliance, whilst also helping to improve durability, quality and fit.
A semi rigid polypropylene thermoplastic outer shell and a unique silicone-based polyethylene inner lining are utilised across the range which combine to provide optimal comfort against the foot and ankle, improved patient compliance whilst also providing the desired structural integrity for coronal and sagittal control.
Two Shell Design
The two-shell design is similar to the previous range of DAFOs, however, they now feature a unique inner lining fabricated from a more flexible and softer silicone-based compound. This is then combined with an improved harder external shell which provides the additional support needed without compromising on quality, or comfort. The more rigid outer shell encompasses the rear foot and extends down to the metatarsals, whilst the trimmable softer inner linings extend to protect and cushion the whole plantar foot.
Velcro® Strapping
Previously the soft layover velour straps attached to the DAFOS via micro hook and loop Velcro®. This feature has been replaced with unbacked Velcro® straps which are now riveted in place with a return d-loops fastening. This allows for a secure fitting which improves control and support levels, whilst still being low profile, strong and durable.
Comfort Padding
Comfort padding has carried across from the existing range and will still include an instep pad and a toe pad. In addition to these, some of the models which have top straps, now include a foam sliding pad which helps to distribute pressure and improves comfort across the front of the tibia/ shin bone.
These improvements can be seen across the whole Dyna-Ort® range, which includes the existing styles;
Penguin – A traditional short-back AFO design available in standard or extended length variants
Puffin – A shorter Supramalleolar dynamic ankle foot orthosis
And now also includes two new styles:
Parrot – An open-back dynamic ankle foot orthosis
Piper – A UCBL, deep-heel cupped functional foot orthosis
There is also design improvements to the Pelican – a hinged, articulating dynamic AFO,  which has a narrow mediolateral width around the ankle, resulting in an orthosis that is easier to accommodate into footwear, and now has extended wings at the posterior bump stop, which prevent malalignment of the device which can sometimes occur through rotation.
Each style comes in left or right variants with 8 paediatric size options which are based on foot length or a shoe size. The entire range is exclusively distributed by Orthotix and stocked here in the UK, available for next working day delivery.

Products In The Dyna-Ort® Range

Dyna-Ort® Penguin Plantarflexion Ankle Foot Orthosis (Extended)

Penguin Plantarflexion AFO (Extended)

The Penguin Plantarflexion AFO (Extended) is a two shell dynamic orthosis available in an extended design (increased lever arm for better plantarflexion control). Made from dual density materials. The soft internal lining extends from mid calf, encompassing the entire plantar surface of the foot whilst the rigid external shell serves to reinforce the alignment applied by the orthosis.
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Dyna-Ort® Penguin Plantarflexion Ankle Foot Orthosis (Standard)

Penguin Plantarflexion AFO (Standard)

The Penguin Plantarflexion AFO (Standard) is a two shell dynamic orthosis available in a standard design. Made from dual density materials. The soft internal lining extends from the lower calf, encompassing the entire plantar surface of the foot whilst the rigid external shell serves to reinforce the alignment applied by the orthosis.
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Dyna-Ort® Pelican Hinged Plantarflexion Ankle Foot Orthosis

Pelican Hinged Plantarflexion AFO

The Pelican Hinged Plantarflexion AFO is a two shell free range of movement articulated dynamic orthosis. Made from dual density materials. The free hinge articulated joint allows for dorsiflexion of the foot whilst preventing plantarflexion thanks to a posterior bump-stop.
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Dyna-Ort® Parrot Open-Back Ankle Foot Orthosis

Parrot Open-Back AFO

The Parrot Open-Back AFO is a two shell dynamic open backed orthosis. Made from dual density materials. The posterior cut out and adjustable ankle strap allows for increased shank inclination for a more biomechanical correct gait whilst still controlling unwanted movement.
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Dyna-Ort® Puffin Supramalleolar Ankle Foot Orthosis

Puffin Supramalleolar AFO

The Puffin Supramalleolar AFO is a two shell dynamic supramalleolar ankle & foot orthosis. Made from dual density materials. The supramalleolar orthosis offers containment of the hindfoot and dorsal midfoot, improving mediolateral stability. Whilst facilitating a more natural gait.
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Dyna-Ort® Piper Inframalleolar Foot Orthosis

Piper Inframalleolar Foot Orthosis

The Piper Inframalleolar Foot Orthosis is a two shell dynamic Inframalleolar foot orthosis. Made from dual density materials. The orthosis has a deep heel cup design for optimised calcaneal control. While also re-aligning the hindfoot and midfoot, improving mediolateral stability.
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You can learn more about the new Dyna-Ort® range by downloading the product brochure here.  If you would like to enquire about pricing or to place an order please get in touch by calling us on 02920 370696 or email us at [email protected].

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