Head Protex Helmet

Head Protex Helmet


Size Guide

Size(cm) HeadCirc Black ProductCode Aqua ProductCode Pink ProductCode
40 HP/A/40
42 HP/A/42
44 HP/A/44
46 HP/B/46 HP/A/46 HP/P/46
48 HP/B/48 HP/A/48 HP/P/48
50 HP/B/50 HP/A/50 HP/P/50
52 HP/B/52 HP/A/52 HP/P/52
54 HP/B/54 HP/A/54 HP/P/54
56 HP/B/56 HP/A/56 HP/P/56
58 HP/B/58 HP/A/58 HP/P/58
60 HP/B/60 HP/A/60 HP/P/60
  • Features & Benefits

    • Comfortable and easy to fit soft shell helmet.
    • Provides suitable skull protection for children and adults at risk from head injury.
    • Superior lightweight breathable padded foam with plush hypoallergenic lining.
    • Fitted with adjustable padded chin strap and quick release childproof clips.
    • Available in black, aqua or pink.

    Alterations Machine Washable NHS
  • Indications for Use

    Indicated for use with children susceptible to head injury from; epilepsy, head drop syndrome, balance and co-ordination issues, self harm, hydrocephalus, post surgery.

  • Video

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